Patient Testimonial – Anna White

Patient Testimonial – Anna White

I’m a 39 year old work-in-progress PKUer working on maintaining a return to diet. The formula has always been THE most difficult aspect of the diet for me. It was always the first thing to fall by the wayside between the taste, the smell, how full it makes you, having to carry around everything associated with making it (blenders, mixers, etc.) Traveling was also very difficult with formula between carrying everything necessary or attempting to travel with liquid (if pre-made or ready-to-drink) so most times I wouldn’t even take them with me.

Then I came across the Microtabs. Now getting my required protein equivalent is by far the easiest part of my diet! The Microtabs are so easy to take! I take 2 capfuls 3 times a day (no scales, blenders or mixers required!) They are super tiny coated time release Microtabs. I keep a bottle of Microtabs, a small water cup, and shot glass out on my counter as a reminder. I put the two capfuls in the shot glass and take with very little water (though you could take as much as you want!) They are so tiny that as soon as the water hits my mouth..they’re gone! I can get them all down in one swallow, but I prefer two gulps (one larger-almost all and a second for the remainder.) I have also taken them with liquids other than water. They have very little calories in them, so I’m able to take them at the same time as meals without being too full. I’ve even taken them right before bed (if I’ve forgotten earlier) with zero issues and not being too full to sleep! If I’m out and about for the day, I can just fill the single serve container and it’s small enough to throw in a pocket to have with me.

Traveling with the Microtabs could not be easier. I have a letter from my dietician, however many bottles I need for my trip, and my shot glass (though not necessary since you could just use the cap of the bottle.) I have taken multiple trips (domestic and international) and have not been stopped or questioned once..quite a difference from traveling with measured out baggies and everything that goes along with that! I have had them in my carry on and in checked luggage. The bottles and Microtabs are so lightweight that they barely add weight to your bags. Since all you need is something to drink, it’s extremely easy to keep up on them when you’re on vacation! You can  even take the single serve container with you if you’re out and about for the day (so you don’t need the full bottle.)

I never believed my dietician and doctors when they said that regularly taking formula would help lower my levels..until I started on the Microtabs. Because they are so ridiculously easy to keep up on, I’m finally regularly taking a formula. Even if I have a bad food day, I still take my Microtabs. I saw my phe  levels come down a lot lower than I can ever remember them being while working on returning…and I know that it’s because of these little guys. My tyrosine levels are even within normal range (formula related.) The Microtabs have made all the difference in the world to my diet management. If you would’ve told me that the formula would one day be the easiest part of maintaining the diet, I would’ve told you you had lost your mind, haha, but today, it is. 😃


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