Eggcelent Easter Treat Suggestions

Eggcelent Easter Treat Suggestions

Happy Easter from Galen Medical Nutrition

We wish you all an Eggcellent Easter weekend 🐰🐣

To help you celebrate, we have provided a list of our top 10 favourite low protein chocolate eggs and alternatives. Now you can indulge and not worry about sticking to diet or staying within your exchanges. No missing out!

1. ASDA’s Free From Easter Egg – Exchange Free:

2. Moo Free Easter Egg Hunt Box – 5 eggs = 1 PKU Exchange:

3. ASDA’s Free From Marble Choc Easter Egg – 125g = 1 PKU Exchange:

4. Sainsbury’s Free From Bronze Egg Slab – 59g = 1 PKU Exchange:

5. Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg – 56g = 1 PKU Exchange:

6. Sainsbury’s Free From Mini Mallows Choc Egg – 50g = 1 PKU Exchange:

7. Tesco’s Free From Cluckie the Choc Chick – 42g = 1 PKU Exchange:

8. NOMO’s Cookie Dough Crunch Egg & Bunny – 37g = 1 PKU Exchange & Bunny = 0.5 PKU Exchange:

9. Buttermilk’s Honeycomb Blast Choccy Egg and Soldier – 31g = 1 PKU Exchange:–/buttermilk-honeycomb-blast-choccy-egg-soldier-175g

10. H!P’s Salted Caramel Easter Egg – 27g = 1 PKU Exchange:

Please do check protein labels & contents before consuming in case the product recipe has changed.


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