Galen announces Matthew Clarke as the Medical Nutrition Scholarship recipient for 2023

Galen announces Matthew Clarke as the Medical Nutrition Scholarship recipient for 2023

Galen, the privately-owned pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, is proud to announce the winner of the Galen Medical Nutrition Scholarship Award for 2023 as Matthew Clarke from Kent, England.

The award, which is running for the third consecutive year, was created by Galen to support people across Europe with metabolic disorders, such as Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Tyrosinemia (TYR), achieve their career goals through further education, training and development courses or apprenticeships.

As part of the scholarship prize, Matthew will receive a bursary of up to £2,000 towards his higher education as well  as a full technology package worth £2,000 which includes a state-of-the-art laptop, monitor, tablet, Apple watch and AirPods.

Dr. Sarah Dolan, Galen Medical Nutrition’s UK Commercial Manager, stated: “On behalf of Galen, I want to congratulate Matthew on this extraordinary achievement. We are extremely proud to offer this award and be able to help support the Inherited Metabolic Disease community further their education whilst also managing the challenges which can come with metabolic disorders. We are excited to follow Matthew’s journey and hear how the scholarship has benefited his studies”.

Matthew, who has recently enrolled in a 6-year course at Spurgeon’s College for the BA in Theology Distance Learning, is also in full-time employment to provide and care for his family.

Matthew commented: “I am very grateful to Galen Medical Nutrition for offering this scholarship to those who, like myself, are affected by their metabolic condition (PKU) in education. If I do not keep on top of my formulas and protein in-take, the result has a recognisable impact on my mental wellbeing, particularly my concentration and motivation.”

“Most of my learning for my course will be done online, so the technology bundle included in the Galen Medical Nutrition Scholarship Award will be a fantastic support in creating a productive working environment for me. The financial gift will also be a massive relief for my fiancé and I, as we prepare for a wedding & married life, alongside my education. Thank you so much, Galen!”

Galen Medical Nutrition is committed to bringing innovation, quality, and customer focus to people with metabolic disorders.

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